Central District Clergy Day Apart
Dear Colleagues,

As I already mentioned to some of you during your professional interview, I would like to invite each of you to a Clergy Day Apart on October 23rd, 10 am-3 pm at the Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center. We will be focused on how to practice a “Convicted Humility” that might bring us together as one body of Christ for the sake of God’s mission and how to care for our souls in the midst of chaos. We will have a panel that equally represents different theological convictions who bring their own personal testimonies on the convicted humility that creates a space of grace for all in such a time as this. Dr. Mary Bellon will also bring her expertise on caring for the well-being of our souls. 

Rev. Dr. Heecheon Jeon
Central District Superintendent
Please note:  Laity are welcome to attend.  

Registration is now closed.