Lubkeman to be Cabinet Exec Secretary

January 23, 2019

Wendy Lubkeman will become the Executive Secretary to the Cabinet.
In that role, she will provide a wide range of administrative support for the Appointive Cabinet.  “The Executive Secretary will meet with the Cabinet, take minutes, track the appointment process, manage the moving process, and coordinate the district administrative assistants,” said Dr. Harlan Gillespie, Assistant to the Bishop.  “Wendy will also closely collaborate with the Episcopal Office, Communications, and Administrative Services,” he added. The superintendents and district administrative assistants have been providing these and other critical information management and communication tasks and will now be able to more effectively focus on their primary responsibility of supporting local churches and pastors.
“Wendy brings a wealth of experience to the role of Executive Secretary to the Cabinet,” Bishop Laurie Haller observed, “including fourteen years as Central District Administrative Assistant. Wendy views her role as a ministry in and to the Iowa Annual Conference.”  Bishop Haller added, “Wendy is skilled in project management, quickly adapts to changing circumstances, and is able to see the big picture as well as care for the minute details.”
“I’m honored to have been chosen for the new ‘Executive Secretary to the Cabinet position,” Wendy Lubkeman said, noting that she was chosen “from a field of highly experienced and gifted applicants.”  She concluded, “I look forward to supporting the Cabinet in the coming year.”